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Next Generation Internet Summit

From the internet of things to the internet of humans: a European strategy for the next generation internet

Erstellt am 10.05.2017

When? 6 June 2017, 17h15-18h45

Where? European Parliament, Brussels

Working Session to "New technologies blurring online and offline worlds and disrupting the personal sphere" with Jan Philipp Albrecht, MEP; Hanif Mansoor, Director of Converged Networks and Innovation, BT; Peter-Paul Verbeek, Professor of Philosophy of Technology, University of Twente and Charles Goerens, MEP.

The Next Generation Internet Summit and related public campaign will support the European Commission to build a strategy together with heads of state, leading policy makers, renewed innovators, researchers and citizens to foster the development of the internet, as a powerful, open, data-driven, user-centric, interoperable platform ecosystem, for the benefit of companies and citizens.

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