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Erstellt am 31.03.2017

The movie "Democracy" with Jan Philipp Albrecht, MEP is a documentary about EU legislation and the General Data Protection Regulation. You can watch the trailer here.

We spread some stickers with a rebus at this years Global Greens Congress in Liverpool. If you solve the riddle you can participate in the draw and win a DVD of the movie "Democracy".


To participate please send an email to with following information:


  • subject: Gewinnspiel
  • Your solution
  • first and last name
  • complete address


The DVDs will be drawn among all right solutions. We will inform the winner via email. We need your contact details to send you the DVD in case your winning. Therefore you can only participate in this draw if we have all of the information above. Of course the information and contact details will only be used to contact the winner and for the consignment.


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