The conference will be live streamed.

Challenges for the age of Robotics & AI

23 March 2017, 10am - 1pm, at CeBIT Hannover, Hall 8

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We live in exciting times where robots and Artificial Intelligence are quickly finding their way into our societies. These emerging technologies promise to have huge transformative effects to many sectors. However, their potential is accompanied by risks for human safety, dignity, privacy and autonomy. So far, only a few governments and parliaments are starting to gather information and endeavour to develop regulatory frameworks. The European Parliament's own-initiative report on Civil law rules on robotics demonstrates how this issue entered the political arena. Our conference at CeBIT is a venue for dialog between policy makers, practitioners, academics and ethics experts.


We are delighted to welcome the leading researcher in the field of AI Toby Walsh for the keynote address. Chief News Anchor at DW News Brent Goff will guide us through three panels where leading speakers will discuss the opportunities and challenges for Europe in the context of robotics and AI. In an open discussion our speakers will share their special insights, including demos of robotics applications. Short and powerful talks will leave time for questions and answers of the audience.

The conference will be live streamed.


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10:00-10:15 Welcome by Jan Philipp Albrecht, Member of the European Parliament

10:15-10:45 Keynote by Toby Walsh, Professor, University of New South Wales


10:45-11:25    Panel I: Trends in AI & Robotics

Prof. Dr. Christian Bauckhage, Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS

Toby Walsh, Professor, University of New South Wales

Lieve Van Woensel, Scientific Foresight Unit (STOA), European Parliament


11:25-11:35    Presentation - Pepper, the 1st humanoid robot capable of recognizing main human emotions

Nicolas Boudot, Sales Director EMEA, SoftBank Robotics (formerly Aldebaran)

Pepper - The Robot, SoftBank Robotics Europe


11:35-12:15    Panel II: Ethical aspects of AI & Robotics

Dr. Michal Kosinski, Assistant Professor of Organizational Behaviour Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

Frederike Kaltheuner, Policy Officer at Privacy International

Dr. Jochen Leidner, Director Research, Thomson Reuters


12:15-12:55    Panel III: Policy for AI & Robotics

Mady Delvaux, Member of the European Parliament

Dr Sandra Wachter, Researcher in Data Ethics, Alan Turing Institute

Thomas Bendig, Research coordinator, Fraunhofer Verbund IUK-Technologie


Closing remarks by Jan Philipp Albrecht, Member of the European Parliament






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