Four days of protests, workshops, discussions & meetings

Freedom not Fear 2016: 14–17 October, Brussels

Annual meeting for civil rights activists from all across Europe

Erstellt am 13.10.2016

Representatives from non-governmental organisations meet in Brussels for four days to work for freedom in the digitised world. We plan action and we take action against increasing surveillance and other attacks on civil rights. We want to live in freedom, not in fear. Join us!

Everybody is welcome to take part, help organise and support Freedom not Fear 2016!



When? 14–17 October 2016 (Friday–Monday)

Where? Mundo B, Rue d’Edimbourg 26, BXL


Programme & schedule

Friday, 14 October: (evening) arrival, welcome, keynote with discussion, get-together

Saturday & Sunday: BarCamp, talks, workshops, networking, outdoor action

Monday, 17 October: meetings with Members of the European Parliament

Note: the schedule is work in progress, the latest version can be found in the Freedom not Fear wiki.


Apply for travel allowances

Freedom not Fear is self-organized and free, and you do not have to register. But thanks to Julia Reda, Jan Philipp Albrecht and Josef Weidenholzer you can apply for travel allowances. Questions? Check the Freedom not Fear wiki and website or email us: contact [at] freedomnotfear [dot] org.


Good to know

You can also ask your Member of Parliament if he or she is willing to fund your travel. In 2014 we made a How-To about contacting them.


Take part in Freedom not Fear 2016

Freedom not Fear 2016 is looking forward to your ideas, your campaign, yourworkshop: Tell us what you or your NGO have been doing on a certain topic. Join us in Brussels, it’s easy and we also try to help you with accommodation and such.






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