Data Protection Regulation Debate

Podcast with Jan Philipp Albrecht by the Open Rights Group, 8th April 2013

Erstellt am 08.04.2013

By the summer, Europe will have decided on some of the most far-reaching and controversial privacy legislation in the world, that is the Data Protection Regulation. ORG have invited some experienced personalities to give us a professional opinion about the most controversial issues around the draft.

In this second part of the podcast, the debate goes through the proposal's balance between the different interests implied in the legislation and the massive lobbying campaign that the issue has arised.

In order of appearance: Nick Stringer (director of Regulatory Affairs of the Internet Advertising Bureau), Jan Philipp Albrecht (Group of the Greens Member of European Parliament), Jeffrey Chester (the executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy), Axel Voss (Group of the European People's Party Member of European Parliament) and Anna Fielder (consumer rights advocate).

To see the first part of the podcast follow the link to the ORG website.


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