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Is the internet a lawless “no man’s land”?

A discussion with Jan Philipp Albrecht and others on Debating Europe posted on 30 January 2013

Erstellt am 30.01.2013

Last year, we asked you for ideas on how to make the internet safer for kids, and, in response, you sent us several innovative suggestions (including forcing users to solve a difficult maths challenge before they can access content inappropriate for children – despite the fact that many adults find entering their date of birth a difficult enough maths challenge as it is). However, there was also a strong reaction from several commenters arguing that it was simply impossible to make the internet safer for kids, and that regulators shouldn’t even try.

Limbidis, for example, was cleary the “No” man:

No, no, no! The internet is a “no man’s land”. That’s its purpose. If we start imposing regulations even there, people won’t be able to express themselves freely… No ACTA, no control or regulations, nothing. Put a warning label [on it] if you wish. But no interference.

We put this comment to Jan Albrecht, a German Green MEP who works closely on the question of digital rights and regulation, and who campaigned against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA):


See the whole discussion under the following link:









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