Data Protection Reform: Draft Calendar

Jan Philipp Albrecht as rapporteur of the European Parliament for the new data protection regulation has agreed on the following working method and draft calendar with the shadow rapporteurs and the LIBE committee secretariat. The final schedule will be agreed with the other committees involved and will be adapted as the legislation proceeds.

Erstellt am 06.05.2012

General working method in preparation of the draft report

Aside of the LIBE Committee meetings, the Rapporteur together with the Shadow Rapporteurs is having regular technical meetings with Commission services in order to discuss the text. Meetings are also held with Opinion Committees Rapporteurs, Council Presidency and a variety of stakeholders in bilateral formats, together with the shadow Rapporteurs or by means of a workshop and a hearing.

Indicative calendar of public events or action points

  • 29 May 2012, 15:00-18:30: LIBE Committee Workshop (industry, civil society and academia).
    The workshop is open to all interested stakeholders. Logistics such as registration are handled by the LIBE secretariat. More information is available at the committee website. Please do not contact Jan Philipp Albrecht’s office on this.
  • 31 May 2012, 11:00-12:00: LIBE Exchange of views (Regulation and Directive)
  • 19/20 June 2012: Presentation of general Working Document (Regulation and Directive)
  • 9/10 July 2012 : Presentation of specific working document on the Regulation (WD 1)
  • September 2012: LIBE Exchange of views (Regulation)
  • October 2012: Presentation of specific working document on the Regulation (WD 2)
  • October/November 2012: LIBE Committee Hearing
  • November 2012: Presentation of the draft report
  • December 2012: Deadline for tabling amendments
  • End January/February 2013: Discussion of Amendments in LIBE Committee
  • February 2013: Discussion with Opinion Committees
  • March/April 2013: Orientation Vote LIBE committee
  • Summer 2013 (?) Trilogue with Council and Commission
  • Early 2014 (?): Vote in plenary

Über 50 Gäste beteiligten sich an der Diskussion im Europäischen Parlament. Rechtsanwalt Dr. Stefan Kirsch stellte die Position der Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer vor, Mauro Miranda war als Vertreter der Europäischen Kommission eingeladen.

Die Stellungsnahme finden Sie hier: 


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